Instructions for Florida Keys AHEC
ICS 100 and NIMS 700 Course Completion

This alternate course path allows you to earn Continuing Education (CE) credits for these two FEMA courses as well as satisfying Medical Reserve Corps training requirements. If you do not wish to earn CE's, please return to our FEMA ICS Training page and complete courses via links provided there. All participant information will be automatically sent to CE Broker within 24 hours of course completion.

If you still have questions regarding the two options to complete these two courses or have trouble understanding the instructions below, please feel free to contact us.

1. Go to Florida Keys AHEC
2. Click on Course Catalog (located on top of screen)
3. Create a User Profile (located under username and password)
4. Click on Specific Category (Florida Medical Reserve Corps Network Training)
5. Click on Available Course (ICS 100 or NIMS 700)
6. Add Course to Cart (located on bottom of page)
7. Checkout (located on bottom of page)
8. Choose/Check billing address same as address on profile
9. Choose activation code (there is no charge for these courses)
10. Enter Proper Activation Code – CU001 (zero's not letter O's)
11. Select course you wish to take
12. Again, select course you wish to take
13. Take the Pre-Test and Follow Directions to view the course
14. Choose you are ready to begin the lesson (located on bottom of page)
15. When you have completed the lesson choose take exam
16. Complete the Post-Test and Evaluation (these exams earn CE’s but are not the required FEMA exams as noted below)
17. Print or Save CE Certificate – You only get one chance at this!
18. Click on FEMA Exams & take official FEMA Test. You must take the FEMA exams for each course (IS 100 and NIMS 700) in order to satisfy core competency requirements

Please forward your completion certificates to the MRC Coordinator.